Food Safety Course Level 1 – Refresher

Food Hygiene Course Refresher

Course Reference Number: TGS-2019503185

Food Hygiene Refresher Course Overview

The Food Safety Course Level 1 Refresher, also known as the Basic Food Hygiene Course Refresher Course, trains any person who handles and prepares food in a Singapore Food Agency (SFA) licensed retail food establishment. ICASTEC is an NEA/SSG Approved Food Hygiene Course training provider.

ICAS Training & Education College (ICASTEC), the education arm of International Cuisine Association of Singapore (ICAS), is an adult learning culinary ICAS Training & Education College (ICASTEC), the education arm of International Cuisine Association of Singapore (ICAS), is an adult learning culinary school with great passion and enthusiasm for hospitality, food and beverage, culinary and pastry arts. We focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and management and is recognised as a world-class quality education institution.

Food Hygiene Course Content

Participants will learn basic food safety course knowledge to become qualified food handlers. The course will cover the following five topics:

  • Practising good personal hygiene
  • Use safe ingredients
  • Handling food safety
  • Storing food safety
  • Maintaining cleanliness of utensils, equipment and service/storage areas

Who Should Attend

The Food Safety Course Level 1 Refresher is a refresher course for those who have taken the Basic Hygiene Course (Food Safety Level 1) previously.

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-Based Learning
Practical Assessment and Written Assessment
Medium of Instruction: English
Teacher Student Ratio: 1:20

Food Hygiene Course Duration

The food hygiene course is a half day course consisting of 3 hours of training and 1.5 hours of assessment. ICASTEC class usually starts at 9 am to 2 pm.

Food Hygiene Course Learning Outcome

Upon completing the course, the participants will acquire important food hygiene and safety knowledge that can be applied during work.

Food Hygiene Course Assessment Mode

Participants are required to undergo a 1.5 hours assessment comprising of practical performance (PP), a written assessment that consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and short answer questions (SAQ), at the end of the course.

Food Hygiene Certificate

Participants who completed the course and passed the assessment will be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SOA) issued by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Validity of Food Hygiene Certificate

The validity of the food hygiene certificate is for five years from the date it was awarded. Food handlers who are still working in SFA-licensed retail food establishments must attend the Food Hygiene Refresher Course to ensure continued good food hygiene practices within the time frame shown in the following table.

Food Hygiene Refresher TrainingCompliance Requirements
First refresher trainingBy fifth year from the Basic Food Hygiene Course (Food Safety Course Level 1 passed date
Second and subsequent refresher trainingEvery ten years from last refresher course pass date

Food Hygiene Certificate Verification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to retrieved your Food Hygiene Statement of Attainment Certificate from SkillsFuture Skills Passport website.

Food Hygiene Course Fees

Food Safety Course Level 1 Refresher
(Basic Food Hygiene Course) Fees
Singaporeans 21 – 39 years old /
Permanent Residents 21 years old and above
Singaporeans 40 years old and above
(Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy)
$80.00 before GST$40.00 before GST$24.00 before GST

Funding Validity Period
13 Mar 2019 – 12 Mar 2025

* Self-sponsored individuals must be at least 21 years old.
**Terms and conditions apply to all types of SSG fundings.

Food Hygiene Course Refresher Registration

Contact us at 65354187 or for class dates.

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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Refund PolicyRefund Amount
Withdrawal notification received at least 14 calendar days before course commencement75% refund of paid fees
Withdrawal notification received less than 14 calendar days from the course commencement OR upon course commencementNo refund of paid fees

Food Hygiene Refresher Course FAQ

Each class holds a maximum of 20 pax.

A mask must be worn at all times during class. Please avoid wearing slippers, shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless tops for safety.

After completing the course, you will be awarded an SSG/WSQ Cert (Statement of Attainment).

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